Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"If this is a trial of my abilities, the gods have an overinflated sense of my importance"

God never gives you anything you can't handle.

I've heard this several times recently, and frankly, it pisses me off. I know it comes from a position of wanting to confort, and acknowledge someones inner strength, but like some of the things said to people after birth losses... it's just damn annoying.

It sets this bar of "Well *God* thinks you can do this, so why aren't you?" It lays down a framework for feeling like a failure, fo feeling ashamed that you're not 'handling' it.

How does someone who's having a difficult time with a situation feel safe turning to their community, and saying "I need help", if there's this perception that we can take whatever the universe dishes out at us?


Haph said...

God gives many people things they can't handle. He does it as a test to see not only how they will respond, but also to see if they will remain faithful.

Look at what He allowed to happen to Job! Job lost everything, all relatives died, his whole family died, his daughters were raped and killed, he lost his land, his farm and everything that he owned. He went to the point of not only being homeless and family-less, but he was clothed only in dirt and maggots!

Job began asking questions of God, testing God, even "threatening" God. He questioned theologians, priests, everyone that he met. Not as a doubter, but looking for someone who knew.

Finally God told Job straight, and Job fell to his knees and begged God to stop (For God was demanding that Job answer all His questions).

So you see, when God gives us crap, rejoice! You're getting attention!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and when Al Qaeda gives us crap, we should rejoice! They are paying attention to us!