Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hacked Uru Files rantrantrant

I know people do it, check into the game files to see what's new, or what might be in an area. And I know some people will use those game files to solve puzzles, or figure out what is/isn't going to happen...

To my mind, that's cheating, with a big ol' C, and an exploit to boot. Not to mention it completely steps outside the spirit of the game, and it can screw things up. Look at all the hubub about Neghilan animals, from a hacked file that didn't even exist anymore.

It makes me snarly, but until Cyan figures out a way to block those files...*shrug*

What makes my blood boil though, is when people start posting the information they've gotten from hacked files. "Well, it has to be this, because I found XYZ in the game files!". Worse, when they do it without spoiler tags.

Uhhhhuh. Why not just slap CHEATER across your forehead and have done? Guarantees I won't ever believe you solved a puzzle on your own.

Look, you wanna hack the game, go right ahead. No one can stop you. If you wanna say its OK to do, a time honored MMO tradition, you keep telling yourself that, if it makes you feel justified.

But quit trying to sully and soil the gameplay for others. It doesn't make you look smart, or clever. it makes you look like someone who's too lazy to actually play the game, and enjoy it.