Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

*rolls eyes*

It's one this to see a meme or other bit of mayhem take over your regular reading material, and say "Not into it today, sorry, have fun."

It is another entirely to lash out at people for participating, and act like they should have *known* you were in a bad mood, and every bit of the mayhem is a personal affront to you.

The former makes me sympathetic, want to find out about the bad day.

The latter tends to make me pissy right back. I have the same reaction to people who whine about happiness on Valentine's day, or bitch about Christmas cheer.

Beauty, Beast and Death.

I saw something yesterday that mentioned the Beauty & the Beast TV show was celebrating it's 20th Anniversary.

20 Years? Has it really been 20 years? *thinks* yeah, just before my 15th birthday. That would be 20 years. Jeeze.

20 Years Ago...I almost died. And that moment is inextricably entwined with the Beauty and the Beast show.

I was 14. I was a tiny little thing, maybe 75lbs soaking wet. And I was very sick. What I remember of that time is mostly from people relaying it to me later. It started out as the usual fall cold, morphing into what parents & Dr thought was the usual fall strep throat. Only I kept getting worse. My throat swelled shut, I stopped being able to swallow ( still have trouble), I was too weak to even cough. My fever stayed up, I was spending hours in the shower, trying to feel cooled off.

Blood tests were run, meds were given, needles were jabbed. Still no answers. And here is where my memory is sharpest.

I was lying on the hide-a-bed in the family room, watching tv. I remember it was the aforementioned Beauty and the Beast. and I remember my vision tunneling down, to where all I could see was their faces, and all I could hear was the soft murmur of their voices. I stopped hurting. I stopped feeling feverish. Nothing mattered but those murmurs.

I remember loud voices, being moved, bright lights, sharp pain, sudden cold. It's all a jumble of light and sound and sensation. No meaning to it.

What I know now is this: I was watching tv. My mom came into the room, and I was lying there, eyes open, not noticeably breathing. No chest movement. She screamed for dad, they rushed me to the ER. I was running a fever of 107. I was limp. My BP and pulse were very low.

Stuff was done. I dunno what. Tests were run, Mono was confirmed (after 3 other mono tests came out negative.). Parents were given the option of admitting me, although the Drs felt the worst was over. Mom says now she wished she'd had me admitted, because although I did start to improve after that, things were still very touchy.

Sent home with lots of medicine with codine in it. I developed a mild codine addiction from that, something that challeneges me occasionaly, even now.

Still couldn't swallow, was nearly admitted to the hospital a few days later for severe dehydration. But we managed to get babyfood and water into me.

My birthday was less than a month later. There is one picture of me from then. I'm like a walking skeleton. My eyes are sunken in, my skin hangs on my frame. I look like I'm in pain, even smiling.

I'd had brushes with danger and death before and since the slipped xacto knife in animation class, the diving board accident, the leap into the abyss of depression...

But I've never been so close to, and so aware of, the moment when my soul was about to leave.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is why stupid reality talent shows have any merit whatsoever... because they sometimes uncover people like Paul; a mobile phone salesman from Wales, who spends the first part of the video looking like if he opens his mouth, he's going to be ill...

But that's not what comes out.

Multiple viewings, and I still get goosebumps.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Miri has lost her first tooth. She is very pleased by this. Her IEP meeting went very well. While they rejected (as expected) the residential school proposal, they do want to put together a plan to better meet all her needs in the school setting.

The little recycled craft store near me is hiring for 3 days a week. I'm going to apply, because I really do need something that I can accomplish without it being a battle. I'll need to find care for Miri on Ths and Fri, but that shouldn't be too bad. Especially given the complete unknowns of Blade's job situation.

Its not just that it was a job. He likes working at Adobe, there was a sense of pride for both of us to say that's where he worked. A year and a half after buying a hose is not a good time for a layoff. *sigh*

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

If you haven't ever experienced BPAL, now is a good time, because anything that sticks it to Paris Hilton is a Good Thing. From the New and Shiny page:

We’re going to call this the Bastille Update (thank you, Jeff!).

For a limited time, the following scent will be available on our Limited Edition page:

Polished party-girl sleaze. This is a shameless scent, devoid of caution, regret, or introspection. This perfume reeks of tabloid glamour, and has no substance whatsoever. Armoise, tuberose, white citrus, rose absolute, oakmoss, tiare, tuberose, vanilla, linden, and lemon tree blossom.

Although this scent originated with fine plants and the pure essences, the final result is a grotesque, eerily empty caricature of a debauched, narcissistic would-be debutante.

Jailhouse hooch. Distilled in toilets, this vintage is comprised of chow line droppings, including oranges, apples, ketchup, and sugar.

Is it cruel to commemorate someone’s jail sentence with a festive set of fragrances? Maybe. But it is far fouler to drive drunk, endanger the lives of others, and expect to get away with it because your family has cash.

It is our opinion that everyone should be held accountable for their actions. Period.

These scents will be live for as long as Paris Hilton stays in jail.

Money shouldn’t exempt you from basic human decency, and it certainly shouldn’t shelter you from justice.

(By the way… Candy Spelling, we love you!)

In addition to being a celebration of one irresponsible, horrid person’s comeuppance, these scents do go to a good cause… albeit, in BPAL’s crass, snotty fashion. A portion of each sale of Privilege and Pruno will be donated to Southern California women’s shelters.

- In the interests of privacy and at least a sliver of good taste, the specific shelters are staying under a veil of anonymity. We hope you understand.

Now, don't worry if these perfumes sound...odd smelling. Beth and the Labbies have never come up with something that is just downright NASTY on everyone. And while you're visiting the WEBSITE, take a look around at the 500+ other blends. My favorites are Dragon's Milk and Jester.

Monday, June 04, 2007


A raccoon just licked my toe.

The Great Cyan Snake Caper!

Blade, Mousie, Teryn and I were able to make the trek to Cyan this last weekend, to deliver the IMMENSE amount of coffee that the fans raised money for.

We stopped by, and most everyone was at lunch, so we put all the treats on display, and headed out for lunch ourselves. While leaving I noted something large in the driveway.

"Was that a rattlesnake?" I asked Blade. "Buh?" he replied.

Some time, and a few chalupas, later, we returned to find the afternoon disk golf run in full swing, and Byron mowing the lawn. And the large snake still curled up in the middle of the driveway.

Inside, we got a dose of classic Cyan hospitality, with warm greeting from Rand & Tony, and lots of ooohing and aahhhing over the coffee. Then I piped up with

"I see you guys hired a new guard."

Puzzled looks all around.

"There's a big old rattlesnake in the driveway."

"What? Really? Like, right now?"

Moke had to go look, and decided the appropriate tool for the job was a golf club from his office.

"What *is* he doing?"

"I think he's going to go poke at it..."

Nothing would do then but everyone else had to go take a look, too.

By this time, Byron has moved the snake to the side of the road, it being an EX snake, due to it's unfortunate placement in the middle of the driveway.

But there was Moke, poking at it with a golf club, and lifting it up. It was a couple feet long, at least. Then, seeing no rattles, but knowing that rattlers do shed their rattles, it was decided to check for fangs. So they were poking at the head, and opening the mouth. No fangs to be seen, so they decided it must not have been a rattlesnake.

I am still KICKING myself for forgetting my camera**, because they were having WAY to much fun trying to figure this snake out.

Rand thanked us for bringing the week's entertainment :)

** pics of the coffee were obtained, though.