Friday, January 27, 2006

Autism Fundraiser

If you, or anyone you know, is into comic boocs, or robots, you might be interested in BOTS:

"Inspired by Nic's son Ben, PPS set out to create a project to promote autism awareness and raise money for the Autism Society of America. BOTS is a collection of artwork, donated by many of today's top comic artists. Contributors include Tim Sale, Randy Kintz, Sanford Greene, Lesean Thomas and Craig Rousseau. BOTS is currently in production and will debut at Mega Con in Orlando, FL, February 24th-26th. "

Aquila Memorial Auction

Upon the sugestion of several community members, we've put together an auction to help support Aquila's family. Please consider donating or bidding on an item.

Aquila Memorial Auction

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I find that I'm full of a great deal of anger and pain today. Frustrated at a system that seems to be designed to let parents fail, frustrated at the people who suggest extremes, rather than support smaller actions that'll prevent larger problems.

One of the drawbacks to not being a member of an organised religion is the lack of a built-in support network. And it's not that the desire or the will to help isn't there in most pagan groups, it's that the needed infrastructure dosn't exist. Many churches have resources to draw upon when needed, from social support to financial assistance, and these are often supported by tithes and tax free donations.

I need to take some time today to collect myself.

Honor the Warriors, protest the war

"Talk show hosts like Hannity, O'Reilly and Limbaugh act like they know all about war; then they refuse to give any credence to soldiers like me who have been to war and seen the brutality of war. These guys are nothing but WEAK SPINELESS COWARDS hiding behind microphones while soldiers come home and are losing everything they have."
--Spc. Doug Barber, who took his own life Tuesday, after struggling with PTSD for two years

More backstory here at angry_biscuit's post on the subject.

Look into it yourself. How is the current administration 'supporting our troops' once they come home, unable to serve?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

No More Abuse

From my friend John. He is wise.
"What right do you have to be happy?
"You're not good enough, you haven't done enough, and you haven't met my standards. You should feel sad, and anxious and dissatisfied, you should never relax and feel contentment or peace, until you've changed yourself to fit my mold."

Every day people hear those words, or words that mean the same thing. Every day people suffer in silence, wondering if they'll ever measure up. They struggle and carry on, but every time they improve, the standards get stricter, and the criticism harsher.

Does it make matters better if I tell you the abusers are suffering just as much? Or does that give away the punchline?

Shouldn't every victim be allowed to say "Stop! I'm not perfect, but I'm trying! Back off and let me be the best I can! Let me learn who I am, without being picked on and yelled at and scorned and mocked, and once I know who I am, then I can decide if I like it, or figure out what I want to change!"

Would not most victims agree that contempt, mockery, and unbridled criticism are among the worst ways to create positive change?

Ah, but the rules often change... when the victim is one's self.

"it's for your own good"
"the real world is hard, so I have to be hard"
"it's what you need"
"I just want you to live up to your potential"

So harsh and ugly when laid bare, when seen in retrospect, where the full extent of the damage done is visible.

And yet they're done to and by the self with impunity, dozens of times a day, by millions of people across the world... the only time when being a cruel abuser is considered acceptable... or even, sometimes, a virtue!

Crazy world we live in, isn't it?


In all my time doing birth related stuff, I've found that one of the biggest challenges has been finding the space to do things. Most of the time we don't need space every day, or even every week, and finding someplace that is cost effective, comfortable, and available is sometimes beyond our ability.

My dream is to have a birth professional's co op, where people can use the space as needed, for teaching classes, or holding workshops, or meetings, or consults with clients. Someplace that parents can call and get hooked up with many different services, and birth pros can call for space, knowing it's going to be a calm, soothing birth-friendly space.

Someday, when I win the lottery ;) Or at least find enough like minded people to start a LLC.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I sent off The Story to be critiqued at a writer's workshop, at the gentle nudging of the organizer, who also happens to be a published author and former Hugo nominee. He seems to think it's good, we'll see if anyone else does.

Also sent it off to a friend of Blade's for an editorial once over, since I know my ability to catch silly spelling and punctuation mistakes is pretty slim.

Resolution for 2006 is to actually submit it to publishers. Heck, I'll even start at the top and send it to Asimov's and F&SF, first. Heh. Maybe.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Great Mysterium Roadtrip 2006

I've started plotting and planning this. The basic idea is for a bunch of us to meet in one place, load people and things into cars, and drive a caravan across to Spokane.

Right now I'm looking at two different routes, from the two big PNW travel hubs, Seattle and Portland. I'm looking at distance, attractions and facilities on the way, and other interesting things along the way. Once I have those mapped out, I'll put up a poll to chose between them.

Some quickie FAQ:

1) This would be a full day trip. Straight driving from either Portland or Seattle runs about 4-5 hours. I dislike driving straight through, and it's impractical with a caravan, so we'd be making regular stops.

2) We'll stay together. If you're the kind of person who doesn't want to be held up by others, or drive only 70, this might not be the adventure for you.

3) There's Stuff to Do along the way, and I want to plan time in for those.

4) There will be some financial outlay. Some of that will depend on what we come up with as far as vehicles, gas, food. No one would be turned away for lack of funds, though! (I might just put them to work...)

5) You will be responsible for getting to the launch pad in Portland or Seattle. I highly reccomend the Amtrak Cascade train for any travel between Vancouver BC and Eugene OR.