Saturday, June 09, 2007


Miri has lost her first tooth. She is very pleased by this. Her IEP meeting went very well. While they rejected (as expected) the residential school proposal, they do want to put together a plan to better meet all her needs in the school setting.

The little recycled craft store near me is hiring for 3 days a week. I'm going to apply, because I really do need something that I can accomplish without it being a battle. I'll need to find care for Miri on Ths and Fri, but that shouldn't be too bad. Especially given the complete unknowns of Blade's job situation.

Its not just that it was a job. He likes working at Adobe, there was a sense of pride for both of us to say that's where he worked. A year and a half after buying a hose is not a good time for a layoff. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

just think little miri, the best is yet to come.
maybe blade your daddy maybe able to yet a job at cyanworlds.

who knows
small lthings come in great little
boxes. i'm tiny too.
born small.
but i do have a big heart.

hugs to you and rand miller.