Friday, April 29, 2005

Reevaluate, Reasses Rearrange

I'm doing a lot of REing in my life it seems. So far the process moves like molasses in Antartica, so I have no clue if any progress is being made.

I do however, realize I now have 3 weblogs/journal type thingies, not including the randomocity I toss up on Bird & Baby. Strangely enough, I can't find a good reason to kill any of them.

This one is my thoughtful blog. LJ is my day to day be myself blog, and the tezhme one is the keep the family informed blog.


Deg said...

Right now I've got three blogs. One, that hasn't been updated as often as it should, details my explorations of Revelation. Another is my life, photos, and news. The last is on Livejournal and gets all the posts that don't make it to my 'real' blog.

Anonymous said...

Or you could simply make a blog with three categories and have links to the 3 categories on the homepage.