Friday, December 30, 2005

dotsahveht D'ni

We will be holding ORIENTATIONS, to introduce people to the dotsahveht D'ni concept, on three different shards:

Tapestry Shard Jan. 4th, 4pm pacific
L.A.S.T. Shard Jan. 5th, 5pm Pacific
Great Tree Shard Jan. 6th, 3pm Pacific
Taperstry Shard Jan. 7th, 11am Pacific

These orientations will take place by the Great Library of D'ni. Please come early if you need to make an avatar and collect your KI.

The hope is that people will attend the orientations, get an idea of what dotsahveht D'ni means, and how it works, and then carry that to their home shards and start dotsahveht D'ni there. Tapestry Shard will have a dotsahveht D'ni neighborhood, that will have regular gatherings on Mondays, and will be open to all for In Cavern conversation. With the recent activity on the DRC forums, and the return of IC there, now is the time to dust off our skills!

dotsahvet D'ni webpage


Topwomen said...

Eleri, I played Uru live during the prologue phase in the latter part of 2003 a few times and really enjoyed it. I think it was most fun for me because I solved all the puzzles on-line with people from around the world for the first time rather than off-line solo. I lurked from time to time in the forums after that and even purchased a key to play Until Uru, but never did go back to the cavern or city for more than maybe two visits, I simply don't have the time.

So here's my question, other than to hang out and chat about things, what else is going on that would entice me to travel back underground? Don't take that question as a put down in anyway, it's just that my time is scarce. Are any new areas going to be open with new puzzles, for example?

I thought you'd be the one to ask these questions since you're in the process of discussing Uru on your blog.

Deg said...

Sounds like a great project. I'll try to attend the Tapestry session on the 7th. If you happen to see me online around then, please IM me. :)