Monday, February 06, 2006

Well, that explains it!

Conversation with a seeekrit Cyantist:
Eleri: Where in the Cyan contract does it say "employees must enjoy the fine art of making the fans sweat." *chuckle*
Unnamed Cyantist: umm in the last paragraph .. Near the line that says we must make comments that seem vague
Eleri: is there a special training for that?
UC: more like watching others..
Eleri: "Enigmatics the RAWA Way", sorta like a spendy weekend seminar
UC: or Enigmatic for Dummies - a cheap book you can buy at Borders
Eleri: heehee


Deg said...

We'll see...

EleriCooks said...

I want to read "How To Break Things And Never Fix The Yourself" by Atrus.