Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Just Not OK

If you are a pharmacist, your job, what you are licenced by your state to do, is dispense the medications that a DOCTOR has decided are the appropriate ones for THEIR patient. Your job is not to second guess the doctor, or pass judgement on the patient for the medications they are taking. AT THE MOST your job is to flag potential dangerous drug interactions, and contact the doctor.

If you have moral issues with handing out some of those drugs, you need a new job. Being a service-oriented pharmacist is not the place for you.

What comes next? Doctors being allowed to not treat obese patients, because they belive gluttony is a sin? Laws allowing waitstaff to refuse to serve somoene the steak they ordered, because the waitress is a vegitarian? Your morals allow you to make choices for YOURSELF. They do not give you the right to make choices for others.

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