Thursday, June 29, 2006


One again, the Guild of Drama Llamas is gunning for my head. I've long since passed being irritated or wounded by anything they say, their opinion matters not a whit to me. And anyone with enough brain cells to rub together can look at the reality, as compared to their cacophany, and form their own judgements as to my worth, so I have no fears that the tide of opinion will suddenly favor them.

Now, I just look at them and think how sad they are, to be so wrapped up in their hatered and delusions, that they focus on little else but taking me down. Down from where? That's what gets me...I'm just a random person in the community, and yet they seem hell-bent to discredit me. *shrug*

I often wonder how they came to the ELERI IS TEH SUXXOR EBIL platform, beyond my telling their leader what I thought of his manners and methods. Evidently disagreeing with the Guildmaster is enough to make me public enemy number one.

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