Monday, July 31, 2006

We are Mysterium of Borg, you will be linked

Wow. How do you compress 5 days of amazement down into a blog post? Everything was a blast, from the roadtrip, to the amusement park, to heek, to Cyan, to presentation, to talking to caching. I can't even begin.

Wolfie, it was damn good to meet you. Give em hell.
Marten, thanks for enduring me :)
Prof Askew, you are teh roxxor, baby!
Keshwyn, yay for universe shrinkage!
EricL, I love you, bro.
Deg, you are to nifty.
River, you have to SHARE Nicolas Cage, yah hear?
Saphira, thank you for saying hello. Lets keep that going.
Ocelot and Alahmnat, you guys are entirely too cute together.
Ireen, you are fantabulous, especially when wet!
Jean, it's a shpedoinkel day!

I miss you all already, only 363 days to go!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*stalk stalk stalk*

You will become increasingly annoyed with me, I can feel it!! =P