Monday, October 02, 2006

Best Quote About Homosexuality Ever

From Tom Smith:
"And the only difference between them and other people is, they prefer romantic and sexual partners of the same gender rather than the opposite."

That's it. That's the only difference. And yet that one tiny, insignificant thing has become an excuse for some to treat them like less than human. Like they're less worthy of having rights than others. How sad.


Anonymous said...

tesco supermarket do this .
only,neart where me and my elderlying parents live in norfolk [uk]it is called sports vouchers for schools [free if you buy shopping there [up the road from me are two teachers at the local schools] which i kindly donate to beverly hunnible [forthe primery school in king's Lynn.
as the school is in disrepare almost. [the rougher part of lynn.]
where all hell on the streets at night take place. [ bullyboys ect;]

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Anonymous said...

just been reading your comment on the grey dragons blog page.


all dragons need holidays for working too hard....

otherwise, they burn themselves out
too quikley.
then need to see a special healer to put the spark back in the firey flame....

it's a special medication the dragons take [one a day]for up to
7 days [ill dragons] make them feel the old dragon he or she is once more '''''
said: in a witch casting spell book of mine that witches [black evil ones] used to keep the tiny ones and use them to make evil potions.
As if that is no spooky enough.

as i myself am a dragon sign [december baby too like mr warzecha.
] ...........

so, better not get on the wrong side of us then - my dear-!

Anonymous said...

of course theres always 1 who still doe'snt know what he is [a big girls blouse [that's just gabrial our cat]

for every homonbiserxual there is a sapian serpent waiting to be set fe=ree ]
isn't there?