Sunday, December 31, 2006

You say you want a revolution...

A freind of mine is a very devout Christian, and where we diverge on beliefs, he doesn't beat people over the head with it. His idea of Christian is one who follows a Christ-like life.

So I have a habbit of emailing him links to what I tend to call Stupid Christian Tricks. You know the ones, like what the Phelps morons are up to lately, or why the park service can't talk about how old the Grand Canyon is.

So he asks me "Why you send me this stuff - just so I don't want to call myself a Christian anymore?"

And my honest response was "No, so you will. Your faith is stronger than a hundred of those goobers, and it's people like you who will make things like this fade into obscurity, by reminding the world of what real Christianity is."

I wanna see all the non-freaky Christians of the US start standing up and telling the hard core fundamentalists, the so-called Christians who'll stop at nothing to see that the US becomes their way or the highway, that they are Sick and Tired of the "religious reich" being the public face of Christianity. I want to see them stand up and show the world that the extremists are not the soul of the path.

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