Friday, May 25, 2007

What's the deal here?

Given the server issues yesterday on MOUL, someone made the suggestion to bombard the GameTap suggestion box with "fund better servers for Cyan" This was the partial response:

Also, any hardware issues URU may be having with the servers they rent are due to the type of servers they are willing to rent from us, and is there responsability to upgrade to better hardware.

Thank you,
GameTap Associate

If Gametap is funding the game, why is Cyan having to rent servers from Gametap? Why isn't providing adequate equipment part of the deal? That's Gametap putting their own money back into their own pockets!

This really really bothers me. The implications of it are very disturbing. "We'll promote your little game, offer it through our service, but only if you rent all your equipment from us, and we get to decide if it makes us enough money."

As much as I love Uru, and would be heartbroken to see it go, is Gametap scamming Cyan worth it?