Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall Card Brigade!

Once again, I am moved to organize a Card Brigade, just because it is fun to get random stuff in the mail!

"A WHAT?" You ask? A Card Brigade.
Send to me** by Sept 23rd

~your lj/Uru/forum/nickname name
~your real name (or the one that snailmail can be addressed to)
~Your snailmail address
~your preferred email address

On Oct 1, you will get a list of 5 names and addresses. Your job is to mail one card to each person, before Oct 31st. Cards can be funny, general, sweet, handmade, commercial, postcards, or whatever. Just remember to keep them fairly clean (unless you know the recipient well). Send a little bit of random cheer to 5 people, and you'll get 5 bits in the mail too!

**(cardbrigade at gmail dot com)

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