Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm rabble rousing, and by god the rabble need roused! So of course those that are horrified by the idea that Uru is worth working at are up in arms.

There's a portion of the people out there who see their only connection to Uru as the monthly fee they pay. And for that monthly fee, they get Stuff, and that's that.

Fine enough, until they start being the ones complaining about Uru's flaws. And yes, Uru has flaws. And we know some of those flaws are significantly tied in to paid staffing... and paid staffing is tied into GameTap seeing good numbers...

We all see the cycle. So those of us who (as I said while rousing) see Uru as symbiotic, and not parasitic, do things to bring in more people.


4thguy said...
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4thguy said...

Well, obviously people want stuff. Before GT came along there were alot of fan hosted services that were free.
Free -> 3d chatroom
Paid -> 3d chatroom and some new ages.
Some people, especially non-Americans, would like their 10$' (or more) worth for every month.
Makes some sense, no?