Friday, January 18, 2008

Logging In

Here's questions for everybuggy to ponder;
Why do people who don't see a reason to log into Uru seem so determined to prove to everyone else that there's no reason to log in?
Why do people who see reasons to be in Uru seem so determined to draw people in, even in the face of long odds?
What are people's positive intentions for their actions?
Do either of them serve Uru, and the community, and how?
Which is worse, an empty cavern, or a cavern full of people twiddling their thumbs?

1 comment:

Marten said...

What would you have people do instead, Eleri?

You yourself said, "Just Show Up." Now you seem to be contradicting yourself in the above posting.

I know you have some great ideas about helping the community. But please, back off on criticizing other members of the community when they do things in a way you wouldn't, when they are only attempting to help.