Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Irrational Anger

IMPORTANT: This is a generalized, sweeping rant, directed at no one person or group in any particular. It is a gut reaction to a set of data, that may or may not have any basis in reality. However, I need to get it off my chest.

I just logged into Uru, with 5 hours of it's life left.

There's 95 people in the city. Another 100+ spread through the 'hoods. Who knows how many in Ages.

WHERE THE FRACK WERE ALL OF YOU WHEN IT MATTERED? Sitting bitching on forums? Complaining that Uru wasn't what you wanted in some way shape or form? Kvetching about this that or the other thing?

NOW, NOW WHEN IT IS TOO LATE, you don't have a problem with the game. You're fine with 'just' socializing or 'just' going through ages you've seen before. NOW, when it's about to be taken away from you, now you notice.

Damn you all. Damn all of us for letting this slip through our fingers.


Unknown said...

You seem to understand it in your post title, but the anger truly is irrational.

Sure, people want to see it before they leave. This doesn't mean they care enough to play the game actively.

I played all the Myst games. I liked Uru. I played Until Uru, and the second Uru Live beta once or twice. That's it. It simply wasn't a popular or fun game.

It is dead. I am glad. Maybe Cyan will be able to move onto something else, a completely new direction. Maybe they won't. Maybe this is the end of Cyan. Que serĂ¡, serĂ¡.

Anonymous said...

from mszv
So - do you really think that even 500 people logging on would have been enough to save online Uru?

Also, people always logon for an ending - doesn't mean that they would have kept logging on, or even kept up their subscriptions.

Until my assocication with some (not all) Myst series game fans, I've never seen this before, and you aren't the only person I've seen with that opinion. This is where you blame the player (customer)for a product not being successful. Even though the customer bought (subscribed to) the game (product) - they still weren't the right sort of player, so they get blamed for the shutdown. I tell you - it's very strange. I literally can't wrap my mind around it. I should know better, since I'm been in the Myst series game community for years, I just don't get it? What am I not seeing?

Got to go - I've got to logon to say goodbye. I'll be one of those people you complain about, but that's OK.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean. Had more people been in, enjoying themselves as I saw so many tonight doing so, I think it would have contributed to a more positive view of the game. Would it have saved it? Perhaps. Perhaps not. No one knows. I would have liked people to have been more active, but who knows. Perhaps this is for the better. Fan ages while Cyan works on other games? Or content for Uru? I would pay for that.

It is time, though, to stop looking at the past. It is time we began working towards a future. To encourage Gametap to release the rights would only be the first step. We must also be more tolerant and kind to those who we disagree with. And to keep together. To keep in touch. There are book readings starting tomorrow on Teamspeak. The possibilities expand.

D'ni still lives. Growing, breathing, alive again. It pulses with a new community of those who work to restore what once was.

D'ni calls. You only need to answer.

Anonymous said...

I would say i have to agree with Whilyam. With so many in the cavern, where were they in the months leading up to this? It was empty, nobody around. Now suddenly its over, and all of these people say they will miss it, well, what have you got to miss? You weren't active in the first place.

And yet I shouldn't say this to all, there were many who stuck with URU through the slow times. May they find peace in one of the havens our community has created.

elledeegee said...

I'd have been there if I could have been.
1) I was working since I do nights... 2) I haven't been able to get in and stay in since sometime into Beta (some odd technical thing nobody could figure out) and...
3) I know exactly how you feel. Seemed alot of people were complaining and not doing anything about it. Some idiot on the forums kept saying bad stuff about GT which does nothing, especially as the person couldn't spell to save their lives.

I'm sure there is a home for us somewhere online. There's always IM's, Cyanchat, and Skype.


Papa G said...

Hmmm, never looked at it from that perspective. True. Then again, I played the game just for fun. I could never get bored with it.