Friday, May 16, 2008

Uru and User Created Content

There is both a legal and a practical issue Cyan would like to resolve in regaing the rights. As Tony Fryman, Cyan Worlds' CEO put it, "Turner holds the rights to the game. Because of that I can't turn these guys (the fans) loose to do their own thing."

After listening to the interview with Miller, we contacted Ricardo Sanchez, VP of Content and Creative Director of GameTap. He sent back (by email from this reply:
"We have been in discussions with Cyan about the future of Myst Online: Uru Live, and selling the rights back to Cyan is definitely an option.
While there isn't a set dollar amount for this to happen, any agreement would need to be mutually beneficial for both companies."

Fryman said the rights remain with Turner for another two years.

So, this brings up a very important question for the Guild of Writers, and other age builders: Can you wait two years?

If, in two years, the rights revert back to Cyan, they can "let you guys loose" then... or, they can spend a potentially not insignificant amount of money so that UCC can happen sooner.

Which is a harder pill to swallow? Cyan stretching themselves financially at a time that finances are snug, for UCC; or having to keep the UCC 'underground' alive for two years until Cyan has full control?

Is there a legal solution that allows the fan side of UCC to financially contribute to the purchase of rights, while still allowing Cyan to retain the majority of control over UCC?


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to wonder if it won't take me that long just to finish my age! Ha! But seriously, Cyan hasn't come and told us to stop everything we're doing. There's no reason we can't continue as we have been, writing ages that don't use Cyan's content except for "global" resources such as the avatars themselves, and then sharing them with each other to play as expansions to Path of the Shell. As long as they don't end up coming out and pulling the plug on everything in the meantime, I'm fine with waiting for Cyan's next move.

~Moiety Jean

RIUM+ said...

I say to let it wait. Uru needs to sleep again. IMO, Cyan needs to work on something else, something new for the meantime, preferably not a sequel to any existing IP of theirs (though a spinoff, like a Rubbergut arcade game, would be fine :p ). In two years' time, Uru can see about coming back. But until then, I say don't spend extra money on getting it sooner, just let it sit. It needs to rest.

Anonymous said...

Well there is a way to financially support Cyan in purchasing the rights back and that's by buying the games they put out. I'd like to see Cyan come up with something new to hold our attention and (maybe) draw in more new people. Something that's not Cosmic Osmo or Myst related.