Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ohnoes! An Unpopular Suggestion!

Yours Truly said:
balance balance balance balance. At some point, Cyan will have to either supervise themselves, or vest into a group (and dear Maker, may it be an anonymous group of people, known only to Cyan, otherwise the power paranoia will fly) the need to keep crappy Ages and Edits from their IP. Now, what constitutes crap will be up to them, but it'll have to happen.

the reply was:
Oh goodness no. Not another secret group. Wont the crappy accused have the right to know who their crappy accuser is?

No. Cause there's already two big huge problems in this community; the perception of people having Power Over Others, and Us vs Them. Even in a situation where QA would be appropriate, like a publicly accessable Age, those two problems would come screaming to the fore were there to be a named group of people playing Wonka's Trained Squirels, sorting out the bad nuts.

"Who gave them that authority, what gives them the right, how dare they stifle creativity", and so on; followed by "Well of *course* Harry rejected that Age! Snape built it, and you know Harry just can't be objective there..."

The whole community would descend into the mess. So, if it ever gets to the point that Cyan has to control the 'quality' of what's coming in, and if they needed to 'outsource' that work. Don't let us know who's doing it.

Build some damn good strictures, so people know what's being looked at, even allowing for objectivity, establish an iron clad appeals procedure, but don't paint the targets on people's backs.

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Anonymous said...

In Context of the Thread entitled:
"UCC: User Created Crap"
Crap, being the key word.

Wutt Evah wrote:
"Oh goodness no. Not another secret group. Wont the crappy accused have the right to know who their crappy accuser is?

Oye! Is it paranoia to fear power mongers, as much as it is to fear people, who fear power mongers? Oops! Almost confused myself there a second,

Still don't know why everyone who wants to create personal ages, cant have their own book on the shelf. No one has to go to them unless they are invited. Everyone should be able to create, express themselves, and host them in some way. Anything Cyan wants to use, and anyone ambitious enough to meet the standards. MORE power to em. I've learned from experience the criticism is too harsh to have good ideas trampled by the cannon thumpers.

"One mans crap is another mans Treasure"

There, fixed.