Monday, September 08, 2008

Truth in Advertising

Or something like that. It's come out in various places that Eleri is Not Doing Well.

This is true. See, the body can only run on stress and adrenaline for so long, before things start shutting down. When they say that stress can kill you, they mean it, and I'm trying to put the brakes on before the ride gets that wild.

I'm doing my best to keep up with the obligations I've already made, like making it to Mysterium, and getting to AustinGDC. But after that, I'm likely to drop off the face of the D'niverse planet for a while. (I can hear the party scheduling starting already! ;))

My community focus, after that, will be Mysterium 2009. I need to not jump into any other projects, as much as I'd like to.

I need time to heal, physically and beyond, if such a thing is possible. The good thoughts people have sent really do help. The whole community means lots to me, theres so much in my life that feels very bleak, that seeing the hope and vitality of the community, being able to do things that *matter* to the community, does me worlds of good.

Hang in there for MORE, everybuggy.

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Deg said...

My life has definitely changed over the past few years. As much as I would have loved to been more involved in the Myst community these past few years, I really didn't have time. And it's been great trying new things and peaking in on the community once in awhile. It's still very much a part of me. I recently--and proudly--hung some of my Myst posters in my new apartment. And I still long to visit everyone in D'ni again.

You're a great part of the Myst community and I hope your restoration process goes well. And although you and I take vacations from the D'niverse, we're always part of it. :)