Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK, this is what I have so far, via a form builder:

This is what I need to change, that I'm drawing stupid blanks on:

1) Mom & Partners name fields on same line (horizontally, not same form field)
2) Phone and email on same line
3) # of prior, birthplace, attendant on same line
4) Class offerings checkboxed, as well as the drop down (IE, they check the class they want, and then pull down the date they want) Those should also be tightend up into columns for space

Now, here's where it gets complicated...

What I *want*, is for it to total up their class choice, and any extras, based on the check boxes and show it in a "Subtotal" line.
Then, they're given a checkbox that allows them to pay just the $50 class deposit (plus extras) or pay in full.
Then, the Total Due At Registration is shown (either $50+extras or full, based on above checkbox)

Then, 2 submission options. One for payment by check or MO, that just submits the form information to me, and gives them a mailing address to send the check to.
The other for credit card/paypal payment, that takes them to paypal with the total due +$5 fee.

Oh and then after all that, I want to be able to plug it into my regular website at, and have it look like it belongs there.

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