Monday, April 27, 2009

oh, so that's what that is...

Evidently I am a "Language descriptivist".
this came up whilst experiencing second hand an argument about 'irregardless'. One one side, the ZOMG THAT ISN'T A WORD crowd, on the other the side I fell on... Are people using it? Can the communicate their meaning using that collection of sounds together? Yes? THEN IT IS A (&@)(*$^(* WORD!*

I tend to find most arguments about spelling and grammar to he horribly pedantic, ocasionaly bordering on the snobby. The only English 'rule' that ever makes me twitch is misplaced posesive apostrophes. And really run-on emails with no attempt to seperate out thoughts.

Beyond that, I spell like crap, but I get my point across. I can never remember, and almost never care the difference between it's and its, and I don't think there needs to be five different way to spell one set of sounds.

Which is why people using netspeak doesn't bug me. Decrying the simplification of language down into the smallest recognizable set of symbols for a collection of sounds makes perfect linguistic sense.

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