Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Emergency HtH Call

The financial situation here went from Going To Be Caught Up And Doing OK... to being $300 in the hole this morning.

Turns out the anethesiologist put through the $1300 we still owed, instead of letting us make payments.

And we have about $1700 in uncleared things, like all the smaller bills, and grocery shopping form last night, and the pumpkin patch, and my birthday. Each one will end up costing us another $35. And with the bank's new policy, we'll get hit with those charges based on the bank balance on the date the charge was authorized, not when it clears.

So we need to come up with an emergency $2000+, or we go back to being Completely Screwed.

Here is website:


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Anonymous said...

Try getting a job instead of sitting home on the internet all day.

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