Friday, May 07, 2010

Uru Rationalist Manifesto

Uru Rationalist Manifesto (With Discordian Commentary)

We, the undersigned (which might just be me, but hey, what's the internet for, but intense navel gazing?), being members of the Myst, Riven, Exile, Revelation, End of Ages, D'ni and Uru (Henceforth known as the D'niverse [cause who the heek wants to type those names out every time...]) Fan Community, do attest to and support the following statements:

1) Everyone in the Community, up to and including all moderators of all forums, sites, fan gatherings, Cyan Worlds Employees and Interns are assumed to be reasonable, rational human beings. (And not cabbages, super heroes, gods or other paraphenalia, and the ones who aren't rational, we're pretty sure we can spot on our own...)

2) Human Beings Screw Up. This is part of being human. (So is bad BO and liking liver and onions, but you gotta draw the line somewhere...) Mistakes, oversights, bad moods, PMS and other factors are a normal part of human interaction, and are to be expected.

3) The best response to mistakes, bad moods, and other human normative SNAFU is to ask "How is this a problem for me?" Unless the mistake involves an FBI squad at your door, or direct meltdown of your hard drive, the answer is likely to be "It isn't." (And if it is your hard drive melting, how are you on the internet anyhow??)

4) If it is a problem, stop. Breathe. It isn't a problem, really. (No, really. Still don't think so? Go take a cold shower.)

Given that very few things are actually a ZOMG END OF THE WORLD problem in the community, and no one is really Out To Get Us we:

a) Support a MOULa as a collaborative effort between Cyan Worlds, Inc and the D'niverse community. (Can you say "sharing"? I knew you could!)

b) Recognize that Cyan has severely limited resources, not only for working on MOULa themselves, but overseeing community efforts; that this is ZOMG frustrating for people; and that there's not much to do but wait (and run in circles, and take up basket weaving, and raise clams in SL)

c) Feel that Cyan should make clear, reasonable, structured guidelines for adapting code and creating content for Cyan-maintained servers. (Foggy, irrational, and wobbly guidelines need not apply.)

d) That the oversight for those content rules should be provided by a Cyan appointed committee of fans, (if anyone uses the L word, I'll thwap you.) and that committee should consist of at least 2 people from each of the facets of the D'niverse community; Story/Canon/History; Social/Gathering/'OOC' and Technical/Code/'Hacking'

e) That once these things are in place, work can begin on releasing Uru assets in a controlled way (Who opened the floodgates?), because structure for returning those assets in a usable format to Cyan servers exists. (As opposed to That Which Will Crash The Vault)

f) Recognize that once the tools are out there, people will build what they want, when they want, how they want, and run servers and shards all over the place. More power to them! (Remember that whole "How is this a problem?")

Given all of the above, we:

i) Are going to avoid creating, participating in or encouraging drama in official places. (Drama Llamas will be stuffed and mounted)

ii) Bring up concerns we have with any person, forum, group, etc with them directly and privately, and only if we really feel the burning, burning desire to Go There. (Dirty laundry to the chute on the right...)

iii) Reserve the right to throw hissyfits, write essays, (create unimportant manifestos) and rabblerouse in our personal blogs because that's what they are for, and no one is forcing anyone to read them (How is this a problem still applies!)

iv) Are going to hang tight, and wait to see what happens with MOULa, because we can. (And because it's better than a sharp stick in the eye!)


Me, Eleri, because it's my blog, and it would be very silly putting a manifesto in my blog if I didn't like it, hmmm?


Capella said...

I think that this is well-reasoned and I hope more people read it! I'd be proud to sign.

Zardoz said...

I agree with everything as a long as a cabbage can be on the committee.

Alahmnat said...


Also, I re-nominate Zardoz as Supreme Dictator for Life of All Community Election Processes Ever ;)

75th Trombone said...

Don't you hate it when you go all the way to a months-long fight and get there six hours after it ends?

Simone said...


(And with this I also allow people to slap me in the face - metaphorically - should I countribute to Teh Pointless Drama)

Julian Lapin said...


So long as I reserve the right to be a snarky goit in response to people taking things way too "serious business" than they deserve.

Kaelis Ebonrai said...

Re: d) - what about open source advocates? There are some in the community.

Re: ii) why not publicly, and civilly? Openness is an important thing, when dealing with disputes, if it wasn't for public posting, the moderation issue would never have been resolved.

Zardoz said...

Re: Re: d) - what about open source advocates?
This is why I am insisting on the cabbage.