Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Miri in Hospital

Heyo, all. Just a quick summary report on the Mousie. She'd been fighting an ear infection since early May, and was still struggling after 2 rounds of basic antibiotic. On MOnday she had a swolen, stiff neck, so we headed to the ER.

They did a CT scan, found abscessing, and did surgery to clean it out and put in a drain. However, over the last couple days, her fever isn't responding like they'd hope- so they went in for another CT and more surgery.

The Dr's are worried that they aren't finding what they should be (puss and dead tissue) with her fever still high (it keeps spiking up to 104), so they put in a second drain to try and get more air in-gunk out.

We're betting right now that she won't be out before the weekend. We're at Seattle Children's, G-3008 if people want to send her cards. She loves mail :)

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