Monday, October 31, 2011

Outloud Myst Ponderings

Poast of mine over on the Myst Online forum, thought it should have a wider audience. Cause I'm an arrogant twit that way. :)

Natales said (in discussing bringing in new people to Uru)
Another big problem is there is not a lot of exciting news to draw people in. New ages in an old game is a bit Ho-Hum. Until we start to get new user interface features and social networking tools people expect now, getting word out is a steep uphill effort.

Some of this stems from the occasional misconception that No New Uru=Nothing To Do. In the first place, there are *always* people for whom Uru is New. Letting a BTDT jaded feeling be what newcomers experience makes for a bummer of a first impression.

Beyond that, Mysterium and other real life gatherings happen on a regular basis, as well as the many related and tangental projects people have worked on- Wouldn't it be nice if someone breathed life into the Guild of Cartographers and got some of those Myst 5 ages mapped? What about the trickling off of the D'ni Language project RAWA was agreeable to? Wouldn't more D'ni words be snazzerific? How about a new influx of people to finally finish Ages of Ilathid?
And there is so much beautiful artwork, crafts, stories, and whatnot out there to be inspired by, there's tons people could do that aren't Uru based. Let Uru be the gateway drug Wink

Look at it this way- did Middle Earth fandom end because there were no more books, or the movies wrapped up? How many hundreds of people were wearing Star Wars costumes for years before Lucas returned to *ahem* finish the story? Just because there's no shiny new (to us) Uru to play in, doesn't mean we're stuck twiddling our thumbs. Bahro pellets to that.

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