Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ahh, politics

Evidently, publicly disagreeing with certain people in certain places makes you a happy target for their pattern of spreading malicious disinformation. Can you see me quaking in my boots?

I have no fear of these mayhemic mudslingers, because I know who I am, the people who's opinion I give a damn about know who I am, and everyone else can either be sucked in by lies, or not.

I am not playing this game here, there or anywhere else.


Matt said...

When truth and facts are not on their side, the only thing they have is the mud. I'm constantly amazed at how certain people when they unable to support their viewpoint with reason or facts resort to all sorts of childish techniques.

Topwomen said...

Eleri, too bad something's got you down, as hard as you're putting on a good face. Ignore whoever the mudslingers in your life are; they'll always be around so just put on your mud waders and plough on through!