Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Birth rant #782

How did we come to the point that the 'right' way to give birth is on your back, surrounded by bright lights and people bundled up like you're a hazmat spill?


Anonymous said...

You would prefer a non-sterile environment with untidy people and dim lighting?


EleriCooks said...

Ahh, the old 'anyplace but a hospital is too dirty for birth' argument.
Actually, a woman has far less chance of being exposed to harmful germs in her own home, or in a birth center, than in a hospital. And as long as basic cleanliness is followed, birth doesn't need a 'sterile' enviroment.

And yes, most women, when asked what they 'need' to give birth, will mention dim lighting. It's part of the instinctual desire for shelter, safety and comfort while laboring.