Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do to the sudden blanket censorship on LiveJournal, I may be moving my blogging entirely to here. This move may include removing this blog from MystBlogs. There are aspects of my life that, while I do not hide them, and am in no way ashamed of them, I don't feel the need to go flag waving about them, either.

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Anonymous said...

This is why, when I wanted to restart a web presense, I wanted my *own* site and not be part of someone else's weblog community (and, in line with that, its TOS et al). Wanting to tinker with my own shell account was a plus but it was the control and freedom that was key.

Not that I've ever posted anything close to inflammatory (or higher than an NC-17 rating). But, like others who have also sounded off on this issue, its the principle/spirit of the bans that's frightening.

As for dropping from MystBlogs - I can understand that, but if anything it'd be the community's loss for it. I can count at least three other members (myself sort-of included) that are equally vocal at times, and I stop by the site daily to specifically seek them since its much more honest than you'll find anywhere else.