Monday, February 04, 2008

Time to move on

Someone asked, how do you want Uru to keep going?

I don't.

I would like Uru to take a much needed break, and quit trying to duct tape it together. I would like Cyan to move on for a while, and pour some of their creative energy into something new and unique. I would like to see them take new paths, that they haven;t walked because they've been focused on Uru.

Nor am I fleeing GameTap. I enjoy stuff that I get out of GT besides Uru. I paid all of $5 a month for the next year. BFD. I pay more than that a month for pizza. I understand the people who are canceling, but I don't feel I'm doing something wrong by not sending that particular 'message' to GT.

Yes, this is very different than my last post. I've had time to think, now.

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Anonymous said...

Although not a fan of URU Live, I am a fan of CYAN the company and have been since they released MYST. I really agree with this post. CYAN has incredible talent. I would like to see them emabark on something that can re-energize them in the game arena. Step outsite the confines which are URU and get a breath of fresh air and new inspiration. With GT financing, URU has served a purpose to get CYAN the company alive again, but I feel right now, it is limiting the extraordinary product they could be producing that would ensure the continued life of CYAN.