Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mirriam Fund

We now have a dedicated paypal account just for Mirriam, that is being watched over by . This will serve as a repository for funds, until we're able to get the Special Needs Trust set up.
Again, here's where the money will be going over the next few months:

Current Priority Goals:
Funding for SafeRoom (ASAP-Build starts March 16) (and no, we can't get state help for it. The UK is infinitely more reasonable about such things.)
Funding for Adaptive Trike (Summer)
Funding for SMS conference (September)

"Would Be Nice"Goals:
Fence repair (backyard is not currently Miri secure)
Axiom Special Needs Stroller (Yes, she can walk. Sometimes, it's much MUCH easier if she isn't)
Bathroom repair (needs post-Miri repairs, and normal Miri use-proofing. Let alone when she goes crazy in there!)

Respite and Housecleaning

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