Thursday, March 05, 2009


It does bug us too...but why spend the money upgrading until something more profound happens in the Myst world...

it's's a works and everyone is still able to keep up with everyone...through PM's and slow posting topics....did I mention it still works...

This is a quote from one of the mods on a site that used to be one of the go-to sites for Myst information and socialization, in response to someone asking why the 'new post' function can take upwards of a minute to load, an issue that's driven me batty for quite some time now. The response to many forum issues lately boils down to "why should we bother?"

The mods there are all great people, I'm proud to number some of them amoung my friends. But the overall moderation of the site has steadily declined. From not reporting anything but CyanNPC actions in their MOUL daily reports, even after it was requested they cover other cavern events; to not being willing to move a live post to the appropriate area after they'd 'archived' it; to their apathy about forum functionality, and so on... the site is a nice resource for past info, and ok to check into once in a while for social happenings, but not so much a place to call home anymore. Which is sad, because it *was* my first D'niverse community home.

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