Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SpeakOut/GeekOut Day 2- Lazy Geek Is Lazy

I should be writing something Deep and Thoughtful for you all to read, but my brain is kinda mushy today- so I've been slogging through Guild Wars, instead.

There's some things I want you all to see, though:

OMG Snazzy Art & Jewelry

Did you know you can read ALL of the ElfQuest comics EVER online for FREE?? Do it, do it now!

Zakelro! Not only full of good stuff, but home to one of the most awesome mustaches in existence.

Will post more later, I swear.

1 comment:

Deg said...

I haven't seen ElfQuest before; It looks pretty intense!

Have you seen the GW2 site I helped design? www.tentonhammer.com/gw2