Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Extended discussion

I ask, in all seriousness: Do you really feel safer than you did Sept. 12, 2001? And, if you do, do you feel the cost has been worth it? Do you feel we, as a nation, are doing all right? Is this, the path we're on now, what America is all about?


Matt said...

A big NO! I'm not sure how W supporters can continue to do the mental gymnastics necessary to deny the reality of what has happened to our country the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an american, I just play one on TV <.<

So I'll let you decide how quilified I am to say what I shall say.

Do I feel safer? No I actually less safer and not because of "terrorists" but because of the US.

Are you as a nation doing it right? No W is all about yes setting up a democracy and freeing iraq with one hand and with the other infringing freedom, free speach and privacy of his own people with the other.

The path America is on is a dangerous one and unfortunatly people a so easily fooled into how to think they won't stand up for their rights.