Saturday, September 16, 2006

Clothes make the...

Glitzy t-shirts with suggestive slogans. Hip hugger jeans. THONG panties, for ghus sake. And now padded bras in sizes that would fit my 6 year old?

You will hardly find another person on the planet more apt to wave the flag of sexual freedom and being able to wear clothes that make you feel sexy, and I've happily reclaimed slut as a title of pride. Sexuality should be enjoyed, not hidden from.

But 'slut' clothes for girls who have barely entered puberty is too much. For one, it's giving girls the wrong message about themselves, that they have to be sexually suggestive to be attractive. Two, it makes it damn hard to advocate for free sexual expression in adults, when that image is being marketed inapproprately.

How can we say it's OK for a woman to dress in a clevage-baring shirt, and that she still has rights and boundaries, when little girls who havn't even got actual breast tissue are being encouraged to show off their 'assets'.

They have no idea what message their clothing sends, they have no idea that these things can be interpreted sexually, they just see the glitz, and that it's what their favorite -fill in the blank- wears.

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