Monday, September 18, 2006

pot, meet kettle

People would tell us that they were warned to stay away from us... And some did actually listen... The other people who came over here anyway were shunned after that... Or looked at strangely in the community. And all it took for that to happen was to come to a place and say hello to a few people...

Even on place that still took place... It sure felt nice having people who have never even met you claim how horrible you really are...

Gee, I'm sure I'd have no idea how *that* be condemned just for the people you hang out with, or be branded with a certain label because of unfounded rumor and overreaction. Or have people hate you without ever talking to you, because their 'leader' said to hate you.

gotta love to hear something like that out of the same group of people who've been running a hate campaign on you for almost 2 years.

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