Sunday, September 10, 2006

This comes from the blog of Cyantist Ryan Warzecha, an all around nifty guy:

Consider this a quest... no, a request... We have a great number of people signed up for the beta; however, I am a one of those types of people where there can never be enough. Call me crazy but I want a number that I spit out my morning coffee out when I see it. I want a number that when I say the number in the morning meeting that someone has to give Moke The Heimlich because he choked on his juice. I want a number that it gives Mark D night sweats worrying if the server will stay up. I think you get what I am getting at. This does not mean I want you to sign up with every email address you have. Some one might ask if Turner is going to base funding on the number of people in beta.That is not the case. I just want the numbers for my own personal vendetta to say "Hey World .. We are back... and guess what, this time its personal"

Completely seperate from the giggles I get at the thought of Moke snorting Orange Juice out his nose, everyone should sign up for beta :)


Anonymous said...

I did sign up for the beta, the day it was announced, and I still haven't gotten an email!

Anonymous said...

i did too last week - and still waiting for mokes email to me.

next time moke: where a bib so you wont get orange juice down your tacky shirt . not that it is tacky i'm sure it is a lovley dark blue one.... from the company ...
that makes all your shirts you wear -like important meetings with
famouse guys- such as peter gabriel [my brothers band used
to share his outhouse studio in reading berkshire ] where paddy's mates band is from [ pengragon ].
paddy will be on tour with john and it bites [newcastleuk based]
soon , as john [mr mitchell has taken frank dunnerys place as lead singer. --
oh! mr miller sir [rand] it bites are still
belting it out in the music buissness........

i will keep you posted of that soon.

brillient band to listen to : if your interested is AUIDIOWEB
bye then.
keep number crunching -mr warzecha! ......

sterling work that but:
probably hard work......

[dont come to me- about no.crncig]
seems very diffrerent now from the
days of the
amega 500 or the old rohan.

vid said...

I bet we'd get DROVES if we were promised VIDEO of the juice snorting!

Anonymous said...

i meant the other where as in clothes =wear, oop's
after sundays bbq in hunstanton
no-wonder i needed a drink .....
burt offerings anyone?
that's without the moke juice .
if there was a juice drink called moke juice
what flavour would it be/
do you reacon? vid!

Anonymous said...

blue pill flavour.

Anonymous said...