Monday, May 17, 2010

Wisdom Ganked

Completely ganked from Semionaut's Notebook (which you should be paying attention to, good stuff there...)

1. It’s Never “Just a Game.”
2. All Games Are Not Made for All People
3. Opinion is Not an Objective Truth

Story is the shared exploration of a relationship over time.

Play is any pastime with a primary goal of self-guided exploration of possibility within a bounded space.

Toy is an object created or used for the purpose of play that suggests, but does not enforce, a set of rules and/or conditions that can be used as a bounded space for play.

Game is a set of rules and/or conditions established by a community and intended as a bounded space for play.

Community is a group of people who have interests or experiences in common.

Participatory Storytelling is the intersection of Story, Play, and Community.

When it is working right, participatory storytelling is where Uru thrives. And that DOESN'T just include 'canon' storytelling.


Unknown said...


What's the best way to get in contact with you? I have an Uru-related thing I'd like to discuss and Tweek said you'd be a good fit.

I can be reached at renata AT talesfromthecavern DOT net if you're intrigued or at the gmail address which left this comment.


zipxx said...

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