Wednesday, August 25, 2004

gleh, politics

I tend to hate politics. In general, I think the entire government of the US needs an overhaul. When facts get ignored for money, and religion wins out over legality, things need a change.

Neither candidate for president is particularily promising, although in looking at Kerry's position on issues I pay attention to, I like his stand far more than Bush's.

And I have yet to get a good answer to the question I keep asking Bush supporters...

Give me 5 things he's done in the past 4 years that were good for America.

And not this retorical "America is safer" chaff, either. How is America safer? Why?

What about the economy? We've gone from having a budget surplus, to the bigest deficit in decades? Unemployment is up, jobs are getting 'outsourced' right and left. The 'middle class' can barely make ends meet, and heaven help you if you try to live off of under 40K a year in this country.

The enviroment? Bush made it clear that money is more important by refusing the Koyoto treaty, rolling back enviromental protections, and ignoring the most basic scientific facts in favor of lobbiest dollars.

Personally, I'll vote Kerry, because the idea of another round of Bush makes me cringe.

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