Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hello there...

I figured I should put in a bit of an intro for the intrepid 'net explorers...

You might have guessed that this isn't my usual bloggieness. I usualy blog elsewhere, but that's full of enough stress and strain and weirdness that I fear the Myst community would implode of shock. I you ask nicely, I might let you in there :)

On the surface I'm an average mother of 3. Until you notice that you rarely see my older two kids, and my life is nothing like average. See, the painfully adoribibble pixie like toddler you see around me is a mutant. No, I'm not joking. Somewhere one of her genes mutated, or got lost, or something... so things don't work quite like they should. Hopefuly at puberty she'll develop a useful mutant power, but for now we lose a whole lot of sleep and a lot of things get broken.

Away went my dreams of becoming a midwife... now I'm a social worker, nursing assistant, government lobbyist, secretary and recordkeeper with no paycheck.

In my wee bits of spare time, I'm busy reading, and reading, and reading. And occasionaly sewing then reading. Oh, and doing nifty stuff in the Myst communnnniiittyyy, and snuggling my husband and/or sweeties.

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