Sunday, August 15, 2004


Just found out that we may be taking over publications for a semi-major (read 1600-2000 people) convention. While this is not a complete disaster, it is a bit of a trial by fire. It looks good on the resume. Eleri, Freelance Jill of All Trades. I can design a cd covers, tshirts or buttons, make soap, cat herd people and organize events, or I can help you birth babies. I make a good paperweight, too.

I am highly amused at people griping over the evolution of a universe created by a few guys in a garage. Something that they never expected to span 11 years of creativity and multiple medias. Because, by ghu, they should have known back in that garage exactly how they wanted everything in the universe to work.

But then again, I am a very easy person to please, really. I wasn't horrified by Faramir being tempted by the ring, nor Hermione being the one to stand up to Sirrius. Things are as they are, and all I ask is a few Ages and a Linking Book to steer me by.

The Demo Team is shaping up, although I am Highly Nervous at not having a response from the VIP of Marketing yet. His blessing is a big shiny nessecity.

Speaking of shiny... Dude. Firefly.


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